Friday, June 27, 2008

One Mistake Among Many

That's my kitchen floor, burned to a crisp. French fries gone awry. Advice: don't put the cooking oil on your electric stove set on "high" while you are still chopping the potatoes for french fries. Also learned from a previous grease fire (which I did not start), do not keep your baking soda directly above the stove where you have to reach over or into the fire to get it.

The good news is, nobody was hurt. I remembered to put baking soda on the fire, thankfully, because the pan lid was doing nothing to smother it. The flames simply shot out of the sides. I took the pan off the stove and put it on the floor because I was afraid that the flames would catch the cupboards above it, thereby setting my entire kitchen on fire. We have 10ft ceilings in the bungalow, so I knew it'd give me more time to grab the baking soda if the pan were on the floor. There was an enormous amount of smoke from the fire, despite my quick action, and my entire kitchen was covered in a very thin film of black ash. I aired out the house last night, but there's still a bit of burning smell today. The Husband was NOT happy when he got home.

In less than good news, but not bad, the flooring in this kitchen needed to be replaced anyway, and not just because it was ugly. There were cigarette burn marks in it from the previous owners, and it was stained and scratched beyond repair. It's certainly not period appropriate for our home (but neither is the rest of the kitchen), so someday, when we have the money, this floor is going to be ripped up and replaced with whatever I can manage to discern was there before. For now, the answer is a rug. :)

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