Friday, December 12, 2008

I Can Almost Breathe Again

I have been ill since November 1st. It's getting old. It hasn't been the same illness continually, but one thing right after the other. Has it really been weeks since I've posted here!? Yikes.

As much as I've tried just muddling through, getting things done, it hasn't really happened. For example, our Yule/Christmas tree has been up for a week, sans ornaments. All of the decorations are still in the attic. I could go on an on about the frustrations that have come up and the number of things of my to-do list that haven't been done, but today is the first day that I can actually move without feeling like I'm pulling taffy, so I'm just going to keep moving forward. One step at a time. Things will get done or they won't. I may be kicking myself later, but right now, through bouts of hacking and shivering, I'm just doing what I can.

At this moment I can do laundry, so I'm going to. Joy!