Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sweet Success

Awhile back, the good folks at Little Homestead in the City asked their readers what their Achilles heel was, what thing just wouldn't grow for them as hard as they tried. I responded that my growing nemesis is poppies. Breadseed poppies, oriental poppies, California poppies... They would not grow, try as I might.

Until now. Oh how blissful to see the bright golden face of this flower on my morning trek around the garden. Even though they were planted only as a last ditch effort to cover my infamous patch of dirt that was supposed to be loaded with the ornate heads of breadseed poppies at this point in the season, perhaps I've finally properly aligned myself with the Spirit of Poppy.

Armed with some new tricks from an online gardening pal of mine, I shall try the breadseeds and orientals again next year...

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