Friday, July 25, 2008

Colors of Hope (and another Urban Homesteader Idiotic Moment of the Day)

We have here, folks, just a glimmer of hope right at the moment where I've finally hit the wall. Worries, doubts, and mistakes all kept me up far too late last night, unfortunately casting a bit of a pall on the wonderful impromptu visit by my brother and his girlfriend. You see, I planted a bunch of Johnny Jump-Ups in my patch of dirt early this spring. Not one came up, or so I thought. In actuality, I probably yanked them all, thinking they were weeds. Now there's one lone JJU blooming in my patch of dirt. Moral of the story? Always know your seedlings.

Now, back to cursing incompetent eBayers, cringing at the newly emptied emergency fund which had barely gotten off the ground before it had to be used, sighing over the empty bed which was supposed to be filled with peppers, recovering from pregnancy-induced vertigo every single time I stand, and trying to make the argument for homebirth to The Husband. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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