Sunday, July 6, 2008

Independence Days Challenge-- Week 5

1. Planted: Nothing.

2. Harvest something: Starting to get more raspberries and blueberries now.

3. Preserve something: Nothing.

4. Prep something: Made plans for a sewing cabinet, researched the REC's available to AEP customers, called for a free estimate on metal roofing.

5. Cook something: Made banana bread using this recipe. It needs a bit of tweaking to be the perfect banana bread for our family, but it was yummy!

6. Manage your reserves: Used overripe bananas for the banana bread above.

7. Work on local food systems: Nope.

8. Reduce waste: Nothing beyond the ordinary composting, eBaying, and Freecycling.

9. Learn a new skill: Nothing.

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