Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy, Happy Birthday Baby!

Today happens to be the day one very special little girl was born, my Baby Bean. She came into the world quietly though a tempest raged outside, nearly resulting in a last minute name change. We stuck to the plan though, and our beautiful 8lb. 10.5oz. baby girl arrived into the loving arms of her Mama and Papa.

Here's a bit of a glimpse into The Bean as she turns 2:
  • Though extremely laid back and outgoing just a year ago, she is now afraid of everyone and everything, including our next door neighbor whom she sees almost daily and the robins that show up in our backyard begging for grubs.

  • She has very decided opinions about fashion.

  • Speaking of fashions, she's currently wearing 24 month clothing. They don't fit her in the waist though (even 18 month pants/shorts/skirts are too big in the waist for her) because she's long and thin.

  • She'll still eat just about anything, but she's become a bit more reserved in her food choices and her consumption has slowed a bit. Her favorite foods are cheesy scrambled eggs, potato salad, cinnamon rolls, and ice cream of any flavor. Fruits and veggies have pretty much become a thing of the past for her, unfortunately.

  • She starts each day by screaming "MAMA!" at the top of her lungs. If I'm not quite done with my shower and don't answer, she continues with "PAPA!", and if that illicits no response, she combines them into "MAPA!" I'll be honest, it's so cute that sometimes The Husband and I purposely don't get her right away because we want to hear "Mapa."

  • Sharing a room with her big sister has resulted in a very close bond between the girls, and she emulates her big sister in every way she can manage. For those of you who are interested in astrology, The Bean's Moon is less than 1 degree off of Annie's ascendant. I expect this closeness to continue.

  • Her favorite television program (gasp!, I know) is Spongebob Squarepants. She calls Spongebob "Baba", which sounds very similar to "Papa." Her favorite character is actually Gary though. She can meow just like him.

  • Callie's two favorite things are bossing around the neighbor boy who is one month younger than her and riding on said little boy's plastic dinosaur rocker.

  • Yes, she's STILL sucking her thumb.

  • And by request of The Bean...
    Pom Na Tu Ri (Springtime Outing) - Elizabeth Mitchell

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