Saturday, June 7, 2008

Treasures of my Garden: June 7, 2008

Anyone know what species of butterfly this is? It's a subtle bug. The colors are all shaded with gray, it seems.

A pair of trusting mourning doves foraging amongst the Hypericum and Echinacea... and sitting on my rosemary seedling. *sigh*

And last but not least...

I found this while ripping up some sod for the pepper bed (yes, I'm late getting everything in). It's a white porcelain something-or-other. Perhaps a knob? Seems a bit big and bulky for a knob though. The hole goes all the way through, so I know it was meant to be screwed into or onto something. In my odd sort of logic, I take this as proof that our bungalow bathroom once had white porcelain fixtures. LOL I REALLY want our bungalow bathroom to have had white porcelain fixtures, can you tell? :D

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