Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Little Cheer on this Gloomy Day

Today is overcast and rainy here on the suburban homestead, about 67 degrees Farenheit. Not a day to be ripping out sod or preparing new beds. I spent the morning picking about a billion maple tree seedlings from the veggie patch. The rain had, apparently, thrilled each little whirlybird seed into throwing their red and green arms up in the air. Great for them. Not so great for me. After that, it was inside to list some more of the attic goodies (ha!) on eBay. Decluttering ROCKS. So, instead of some dreadfully long and boring post about what is coming up and the massive amounts of work I have yet to do (have no fear! Those posts are forthcoming. Muahahahaha!), I thought I'd leave you this first glimpse of my little one, whom we call The Bean, singing with Mommy out in the garden a few days ago. The song is from Elizabeth Mitchell's You Are My Little Bird. AWESOME CD. It's supposed to be for children, but I love listening to it all on my own. Enjoy! P.S.-- That is NOT my "pretty" singing voice. That was me being silly to try to entice The Bean into singing a few strains.

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