Thursday, June 5, 2008

Making Do

Today's been a busy day.

The biggest project was getting 5 things I'd sold on eBay during my ongoing decluttering quest packaged and shipped. I'm a cheapskate and HATE spending money on boxes at the post office, so I tend to use whatever I have at hand. I'd been wrapping stuff in some Kraft paper that was used as filler in a package I'd received, but there was only enough left for one item. Soooooo... I was stuck. I sifted through boxes in the attic and basement, looking for those that weren't massive moving type boxes, but there was really nothing useable. Then I spotted it! A paper Gymboree bag passed onto me from my mother-in-law to haul the mountain of kids' gifts home at Christmas. It was housing plastic hangers from said Christmas gifts to be recycled. The outside was striped in bold colors, but the inside was just plain brown, and the paper was actually thicker than the Kraft paper I'd been using.

I carefully opened the seams of the bag until I had a flat piece of paper, then wrapped up the items I was sending with the brown inside of the bag on the outside of the packages. Ahhhhh... cheapskate--er--FRUGAL packaging. :)

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