Friday, June 20, 2008

The "Creative" Gardener

Okay, maybe unprepared, unschooled, and cheap would be better descriptors for this post, but hey...

What the heck is so creative about the picture here? Well, no one told me not to plant Scarlet Runner Beans as one of the components of my Three Sisters garden (actually, a Two Sisters garden because I knew the pumpkins/squash just wouldn't have enough room to sprawl in this small bed... another mistake that will soon be remedied). They are shooting up much faster than the sweet corn I planted (Golden Bantam) and have nothing to cling to. The situation has been exacerbated by our adorable *coughcough* squirrel population who deprived us of several corn plants by getting beneath the green plastic "chicken wire" I'd used to keep the crows out. I had actually saved several very long, straight limbs from the redbud tree that was felled last summer by a lightning storm to use as a bean teepee, but when I changed my garden plans (a weekly occurence) and decided to go the Three Sisters route, I turned the teepee into mulch. What's a girl to do!?

Use the umbrella that goes to the kids' sand and water table of course! :D They never use the umbrella anyway because it's on the side of the yard that's too shady for me to garden in... hehe

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