Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Homemade Gift (Kinda Sorta)

Annie absolutely cannot stop drawing and crafting. She wants to do it all day long, every day, and she brings at least 5 drawings or projects home each day from school. For her birthday, then, I decided that she might appreciate her very own art box. This way she doesn't have to ask me to get the crayons for her (which are put up because a certain 2-year-old has covered every single downstairs wall with doodles), and I got to introduce some new craft items to her that have been stored in my cache.

In total, this gift cost about $20 because there were a few items that we don't generally keep on hand in the house that I wanted to add especially for her. The box itself is actually my old Caboodle that I kept my makeup and accessories in as a teen. In the box we have:

  • 3 craft punches (dog, cat, and paw print for my little animal lover)-- From my scrapbooking stash

  • Mini stapler-- Bought new for use in making her own booklets

  • Large eraser-- Gathered from the kids' art supplies

  • Pencil sharpener-- Gathered from the kids' art supplies

  • Two pencils-- Gathered from the kids' art supplies

  • Glue stick-- Gathered from the kids' art supplies

  • Safety scissors-- Bought new since we only had one pair in the house

  • Heart shaped paperclips-- Bought new (and grudgingly)

  • 8 Glitter glue pens-- Bought new; the most expensive new item, but I knew she'd love them!

  • Crayons-- Gathered from the kids' art supplies

  • White sketching paper-- I looked all over for a mini sketchbook that would fit, but couldn't find one. Instead, I cut up some larger sheets we already had at home.

  • Construction paper-- Again, small sheets cut from larger sheets we already had

  • Pipe cleaners-- Gathered from the kids' art supplies

  • Beads-- Bought new

  • Elastic thread for beading-- Bought new

  • Cinderella stamp and pad of stamping paper-- Received in a party gift bag earlier in the year

  • Phew! I think that's it. As her skills improve, we'll add things gradually. For now, this keeps her plenty occupied. She makes magic wands from the pipe cleaners, bracelets and necklaces from the beads and elastic thread, and has covered every sheet of paper in glittery doodles. Fun stuff!

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