Sunday, November 2, 2008

Belated Beggar's Night Post

I didn't know if we were going to make the trick-or-treating rounds this year. The girls, The Husband, and I had all finally stopped vomiting, but now the girls were making explosions from the other end. Oy. I could easily envision the mess that would happen in front of some poor neighbor's house when we couldn't get back to the house in time...

But we decided to go when the girls seemed to be taking a break from illness. The Husband always insists that we make the hour drive out to his mother's house to trick-or-treat there, where he feels most at home and comfortable. At least this way his mom gets to see the kids all dressed up. This year we walked for about an hour. Normally, it's a much shorter jaunt, but the kids are getting older and are much more capable of convincing Daddy to keep going--er, I mean-- they're much more capable of making the walk.

As you can see, Annie was a witch, Airius was The Incredible Hulk (he's never even seen the movie or cartoon), and Callie was Tinkerbell. Traditionally, our costumes are homemade, but this year was different. The Husband, my great eco-saboteur, decided to buy costumes for Annie and Airius without asking me first. We already had the Tinkerbell costume, given to Callie by Daniel's mom for Christmas, I think. I'm not bitter, I swear. ;)

Finally, bags bulging with sugary goodness, we headed back to my mother-in-law's home for a quick dinner and then... THE CANDY GORGE. Yes, I'm a bad mother. I don't often give my kids candy, and we're not a "dessert" type of family simply because I haven't perfected my cooking/baking skills yet. So, the holidays are a sweet time for my kids. Beggar's Night especially, I let them eat their fill of candy (after dinner, of course) with no intervention from Mom. Airius is always the first to stop and Annie is always the last. After the initial gorge, though, Mommy confiscates all candy and, with a wave of my magic wand, it all disappears. :)

What do I do with all the candy? I snitch a few of my childhood favorites, and the Husband, who has a huge sweet tooth, eats his fill. I sort through for things that will last awhile and stash that in a secret place (secret from The Husband AND the kids) to stuff stockings at Yule where the gorge will be repeated.

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