Friday, September 12, 2008

Popcorn Isn't Just for Popping

Sharon over at Casaubon's Book is adding a wonderful new weekly segment to her blog called "Food Storage Quickie" that will concentrate on one aspect of food storage and one non-food item. This is great for me because I have trouble breaking emergency preparedness down into smaller goals, get overwhelmed, and do nothing. 'Tis my way.

This week, Sharon writes about pasta, popcorn, and matches. Pasta and matches are obvious choices for me, but I hadn't really thought about the popcorn. My thoughts quickly drifted to my Depression-raised grandma who always had popcorn in her pantry because it was a cheap source of calories. Hmmm... not a bad idea. Then I remembered a recipe for Popcorn Pie I'd seen in Mother Earth News. After reading it, I'd desperately wanted to grow popcorn but ended up opting for sweet corn instead. There's always next year, right?

Anyway, in case there are others out there not so sure that popcorn deserves a place in your food stores, I thought I'd dig up a few more recipes for you:

Thai Peanut and Popcorn Crusted Chicken
Popcorn Salad
Popcorn Soup
Popcorn Stuffing-- An actual recipe, not the joke
Popcorn Stuffed Peppers

A quick Google search will net you hundreds of links to dessert-type recipes, gourmet popcorn recipes, and more popcorn ball variations than one cook could possibly use. Now I'm off to add to my food stores!

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I would have never guessed! Interest, thanks.