Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Not Alone

I really didn't have any plans for Memorial Day yesterday beyond cleaning the house. (Can you believe I'm STILL decluttering this place!?) The Husband was working overtime, so the kids and I were on our own. Right away, though, I knew this day was going to be better than I'd planned...

About 8am, I walked onto our front porch and heard chickens clucking. I honestly thought I was going crazy, so I called the kids away from their play and asked them if they heard it too. Annie, my ever-attentive nature girl, heard what I heard. I suspected my neighbors on the other side of the street (I've long admired their garden) but didn't have the nerve to knock on their door at 8 in the morning. Callie spent the rest of the day clucking every song she sang. LOL!

Later on, I noticed the woman of the house I suspected of hiding the feathered friends planting some flowers out front, so I gathered the littles and headed her way. Apparently channeling Ned Flanders, I said something like "Excuse me, Neighbor" as my ice breaker. Yeah, I've been cooped up in this house alone for FAR too long. She was polite regardless as I awkwardly asked her if she was keeping chickens. I didn't want her to think I was going to be some nasty neighbor telling her that I was annoyed by their clucking or something.

Anyway, she confirmed that they had seven chickens and a duck in their backyard, Buff Orpingtons and Rhode Island Reds. I forgot to ask what type the duck was. I was astounded! I've been living here for nearly 4 years now and had never noticed this before! Neighbor invited us to go around the back and look at the chickens, so we did. Annie was especially thrilled with them, as I knew she'd be. We only stayed a minute or so, then headed back home because we were setting every dog in the neighborhood to barking.

I suddenly don't feel so alone.


1916home said...

Chickens make great pets. I've been meaning to get a few, but havent had the time yet. My city allows only hens, and no more than eight I think. Four is enough for me. But there is a growing trend for urban chickens and a way for people to get away from GMO foods, and learn where their food comes from.

I just read several articles in the past month about "urban chickens". I know its a big deal in Kansas City as many residents are fighting to change the laws there so they can have chickens.

I used to have 3 chickens. They were all different in character. One of them was a mother hen to the others, another one followed me everywhere in the yard, and my favorite, "Wanda" used to wait by the garage door every morning for me to open the door for her, so she could lay her eggs in peace. I made a nice little bed and she was really thankful. I cant say I "love" chickens like I do my cat or dog, but they are a lot of fun.

Barb J. said...

We raise chickens in the city, and I don't any of our neighbors except the ones diretly next door and across the street know!

Mist said...

We've been contemplating chickens here for a few years. Well, I'VE been contemplating chickens, but The Husband's been adamantly against it. Once I told him about the neighbors, he started asking things like, "how many chickens would you want?" Muahahahaha! I'll wear him down slowly.

I was just surprised that there was another person so close to me doin' the urban homesteading thang. I've been trying to connect with like-minded people in my area for so long and could find no one. Turns out, they were just right across the street!

Barb J., do you ever get lonely being the only city girl with chickens?