Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Airius's Day

WARNING: If you are easily offended by the honest, forthright proclamations of children under the age of 5, please read no further.

Dead robins and children at the UN crying for environmental change have made this blog a little darker than intended lately, so I thought I'd lighten things up a bit with some tidbits for my favorite comedian-- Airius. This blog's also been quite Annie heavy, since she's the one interested in the same things as Mommy, so today is Airius's day. Enjoy.

I suppose I should start with the picture that accompanies this post. That's my son playing the recorder... with his nose. We'd picked that little instrument up at the thrift store, and the twins were going back and forth with it all day. Yes, for all you germaphobes out there, I did make sure it had been washed well. Anyway, suddenly Airius grabs the thing from his sister and says, "I bet I can blow it with my nose!" And he did.

My "simple living" includes not buying new toys (especially plastic ones) for the kids all the time, but The Husband doesn't agree with my philosophy. So, enter the new toy. *sigh* The funny part is that Airius CANNOT say "Ratchet" to save his life and has dubbed him "Radish" instead. Because his legs look like radishes, according to my son.

Ever heard the story of Gromer Somer Joure? This was our bedtime story the other night. Um, yeah, it's a house dominated by girls. Anyway, after the story's done, Airius looks at me and says, "I wouldn't kiss no old hag!" I think you missed the point son. :)

Airius walks out of the bathroom the other day, looks lovingly at The Husband, and says, "Dad, my penis is my best friend."

I have to end with Airius's standby joke. When all else fails... "What do you get with tartar sauce and tartar sauce?"

Wait for it...


Thank you, son, for all the times you make my side split with laughter.

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ilex said...

Hooray for nostrils and all their uses!